Double-cylinder deadbolts: Pros and Cons

Sometimes, all the ‘lock-speak’ can leave you confused and wondering what really is the best choice of locks for you. This blog-post simplifies one such term for you-double-cylinder, or double-key deadbolts. So, what are double-cylinder deadbolts anyway?

Your typical single-key or single-cylinder deadbolts require a key to open them from the outside. Double-cylinder deadbolts need a key to open them from the inside as well. Hence, they are also known as double-key deadbolts. This acts as an additional safety if someone tries to break into your home. Also, double-key deadbolts are extremely useful if you have kids or family members suffering from mental disorders like Alzheimer's where there is a risk of them opening the door to strangers or and wandering off.

However, one major con of double-cylinder deadbolts is that, in the event of an emergency, you’d have to locate the key first, before you can let yourself out. This is one of the reasons why some states don’t permit the installation of double-key deadbolts, as they consider a violation of fire safety regulations.

Double or single key deadbolts, your locksmith can help you make the right decision based on your requirements and of course, your building codes.