5 tips to help keep your home from being burgled

Off on a vacation? Here are some tips to keep your home safe as you are busy enjoying your time away.

  1. If you are heading out for more than a couple of days, mow your lawn before you leave. Overgrown grass is a hint that no one is home to take care of it.
  2. Do not attract a burglar’s attention by leaving expensive stuff like garden equipment, power tools, etc., outside your home.
  3. Try to refrain from online shopping a few days before you leave, so there are no deliveries scheduled during the time that you are away.
  4. Arrange with a neighbor to pick up your deliveries or mail while you are away. If not, you can request the post office put a hold on delivery until you are back.
  5. Invest in a smart home automation system that works to turn your lights on automatically at preset times so that the house looks occupied at night.
The trick is to pay attention to the seemingly simple, routine stuff that happens every day and figuring out a way to ensure they appear to be happening even when you are away. And of course, consult your locksmith to learn more about what other options you have to secure your home.