Burglary or Robbery...what’s the difference?

Often, we use the term burglary and robbery interchangeably. But, did you know that they mean different things? A burglary is when the perpetrator gains unlawful entry into a property with the intention of theft. It happens in the absence of the victim. It is treated as a property crime. A robbery, on the other hand, happens in the presence of the victim and may or may not be inside a property. Mugging someone is an example of a robbery.

Irrespective of whether it is a burglary or robbery, here are a few things you can do stay safe:

  • Make sure you store expensive garden equipment, power tools, or automobiles inside your garage, as these attract the attention of burglars and thieves easily.
  • You may think you have the best locks, but it may not be so. Consult a locksmith to apprise you on the condition of your locks and how secure they really are
  • If you think you may have lost your keys, re-key ASAP
  • When moving to a new place, your first investment must be re-keying
Though they are technically 2 different crimes, burglary or robbery, what difference does it make to you, really? You want to keep your home safe from both of them, anyway. Contact us to learn more about the options you have to keep your home safe from burglars and robbers.