Going keyless? Here’s what you should know

Are you considering keyless door locks at your home or workplace? Definitely, it is a great choice in this day and age of technology. Keyless locks are digital and as the name suggests, don’t need a physical key to be unlocked. These locks generally contain a keypad, where you have to key in a combination of numbers to gain access. This is quite convenient in the sense that

  • You don’t have to carry a bunch of keys with you. All you have to do is remember the code.
  • Some keyless locks let you set different access codes, so you don’t have to share your access code with anyone.
  • You can reset the code at any time.
    • If you shared the code with someone for use during a particular duration, you can reset it once their use is over. For example, let’s say you shared the code with a cleaning agency for a cleaning appointment or a contractor working to fix something in your home. You can simply reset the code once they leave.
    • If your room-mate or tenant moves out, or you separated from your significant other, you can just change the code without having to worry about rekeying or changing locks.
However, when choosing a code-based, keyless lock, go for one that is battery operated and if electrically powered, then with a battery backup. Electrically powered locks that don’t have a battery backup may malfunction during power outages and pose a security threat. And, of course, there’s the human element-a chance that you may forget the code and get locked out. That’s when you may have to call a locksmith to help you in.